On Saturday, January 21st, we hosted the AIS Cagliari (Italian Sommelier Association) course participants in our cellar where they had the opportunity to visit our cellar and end with a technical tasting of three of our wines. Actually, four, the fourth was Girò which is not yet on the market, so they had an absolute preview!

"Producing Girò from Cagliari has always been one of my dreams because it's a grape variety I've always appreciated and it's not valued as much as it deserves," says Ferruccio Deiana.

"Our company philosophy involves enhancing the territory through the production of quality wines, and that's why we decided to add Girò to our cellar. Ferruccio was particularly interested and thanks to Dario's work, it was possible," comments Mariagrazia Perra Deiana, co-founder of the Ferruccio Deiana cellar and always active in promoting culture and the territory through wine.

Dario Deiana, who worked with Ferruccio on the creation of the wine, says: "I worked with passion on the creation of this wine and the fact that now we are the only Girò producers in Sardinia is certainly noteworthy."

Girò, also known as Girone, is a grape variety originally from Spain that was introduced in Sardinia during Spanish rule. Today, its presence on the island is quite limited, but it's experiencing a slight resurgence in the Campidano of Cagliari.

Girò is a medium-vigor grapevine that prefers medium expansion cultivation and short pruning. It's also fairly weather-resistant but less resistant to fungal diseases. The grapes mature in the third period and prefer limestone and clay soils, cool but not moist. Girò's leaf is medium-sized and kidney-shaped, with a light green upper page and a hairless lower page. The bunch is medium-sized, with medium-sized grapes and good consistency. The taste of the grape is simple and sweet, with clear juice. The wine made from Girò grapes is light ruby red, sweet and delicately fragrant, with a velvety and harmonious taste. It's very alcoholic and is perfect as a dessert wine. We're proud to offer this wine, which perfectly represents the tradition and territory of Sardinia.

Our Girò received excellent feedback from the sommeliers present and will soon be on the market!