In the charming landscape of Settimo San Pietro, among the low hills that preserve ancient traditions, emerges Ferruccio Deiana Winery. This winery not only represents a symbol of oenological excellence but also embodies pride and love for the territory and its millennial roots. The deep connection with the territory is evident from the winery's claim, "Ancient Present," which evokes both the importance of ancient traditions and the constant commitment to keeping local history and culture alive through modern means. This commitment translates not only into the production of high-quality wines but also into the exploration and valorization of the historical wonders surrounding Settimo San Pietro.

An enchanting journey to discover the past inevitably leads to the visit of two extraordinary historical sites: the Cuccuru Nuraxi and the Domu de Janas. Cuccuru Nuraxi, the nuraghe of Settimo San Pietro, dates back to the late Bronze Age (1400-1200 BC) and represents a symbol of water worship and the rich history of ancient Sardinian populations. Its trilobate towers and sacred well testify to the religious and social importance that this place had in antiquity. On the other hand, nestled in the hill called "Montixeddu," lies the mysterious Domu de Janas (3400-2700 BC), also known as the house of fairies. This ancient dwelling preserves an ancient legend: it is said that the water flowing inside it has healing properties, so much so that it has been renamed with the evocative name "s'acqua 'e is dolus" the water that soothes pains. This place represents an ideal starting point for those who want to discover the historical roots of the people of Settimo San Pietro and contemplate the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape. The typical hills of Settimo San Pietro stand as silent guardians of a millennial history. Settimo San Pietro is a place where daily life blends with the tranquility of nature and the memory of ancient times. The bread festival and the malvasia festival are celebrations that testify to the importance of tradition and local craftsmanship.

In this context,Ferruccio Deiana Winery represents a point of reference for wine lovers and for those who want to immerse themselves in the history and culture of Settimo San Pietro. With its high-quality wines and its commitment to enhancing the territory, the winery continues to keep alive the magic of a millennial past, paying homage to the historical roots of this unique land.